Wednesday, June 04, 2008

no, hillary -- NO!

All that quaint chatter about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, which is, after all, a whimsical notion Mario Puzo put in the mouth of Vito Corleoni -- you cannot run for president if you're constantly having to watch your back.

Let's be clear: the Clintons are vipers and cannot be effectively controlled by hanybody, even by a man who has just been given the reigns of the party. Democrats will come around, see John McCain for what he is -- anathema to everything they hold dear. Meanwhile Independants and DINOs will only respect a man who has the fortitude to give her a stiff-arm, if ever so politely.

I used to like the Clintons but I simply cannot stomach this cult of personality they've constructed for themselves. They are now yesterday's news, and Obama, I trust, sees that.

America is a better place without the Clintons.


--spared-- said...

Yikes... I certainly hope that come November Obama has won the election. Otherwise, people like me are going to turn around and blame people like you for turning over the country to another idiot just because you can't stand to see a Clinton in office.

Personally, I'm not crazy about the woman. She has a scary smile, her pantsuits annoy and her husband makes me want to scrub my skin in the shower extra hard, but the idea of losing this election because Obama is too damned green and people like you are turning a blind eye to her 18 MILLION followers is frightening.

Barking Up Trees said...

way i figure it: he beat hillary, so how much of an idiot can he be... ?

and get a clue, cupcake: she got 18 million votes, which isn't to say she has 18 million followers...

--spared-- said...

Tomayto, tomahto G... admit it... she's a powerhouse that won big states.