Sunday, June 01, 2008

pre-dynastic... ?

Nick Cafardo says the Tampa Bay Rays are for real.

Also, this tidbit (as Aparicio was the favored SS of my youth):
"This past Sunday, Omar Vizquel set the record for most games played at shortstop, breaking the mark held by Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio [2,583 games]. One record of Aparicio's that Vizquel can't break is Aparicio remaining the only nonpitcher in the Hall of Fame to play all of his games at one position. Vizquel played one game at second base for Seattle in 1991 and one game in right for the Indians in 1999. At 39, Little Looie ended his career playing both ends of a Fenway doubleheader for the Red Sox on Sept. 28, 1973, going 2 for 6."

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