Tuesday, July 22, 2008

sauce for the goose...

Fair's fair (or is it Vanity Fair's fair?), except the constitution burning in the McCain fireplace and the Bush portrait on his wall, rather than the flag & bin Laden's respectively, vis a vis Obama, hits a whole lot closer to the reality-based universe.

h/t to therawstory...

Update: Wow! Looks like I'm ahead of the curve once again:
If Vanity Fair's cartoonist wanted to flip the New Yorker cover on the GOP, they'd have to portray the media's lies about the candidate. Not the true stuff.
Update 2: And it only now occurs: With the comic McCain employing a walker, the artist might have rendered him in a hospital gown, his wrinkled tookas peaking out the back door. Now that would've sold the concept (and upset my appetite greatly)!

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