Wednesday, July 16, 2008

thoughts while picking my nose...

If John McCain has such difficulty working the internet, how the hell did he ever be allowed to climb into the cockpit of a fighter jet? -- Yes, yes, I know, Daddy had pull.

I've said it here before, and I suspect it'll bear repeating from time to time along the campaign trail: The surprise isn't that he was shot down; the shocker would've been had he not.

Update: OK, we're apparently talking about one seriously dumb fuck!
McCain: My GPA earned me fifth from the bottom of my class at the Naval Academy status. So, the GPA was based –since that was in the Coolidge administration it was a different measurement, but I can assure you in today’s standards it would be barely passing.


Anonymous said...

Bottom of the class at the Naval Academy beats middling simp at UMass.

And it certainly beats dropout.

And don't get me going on Harvard Law. We regularly argue rings around them, when they even dain to show up in a courtroom.


Barking Up Trees said...

must be those legacy harvard types; you know, li'l repo buttholes with an overarching sense of entitlement and get to be president when you put enough money behind them and stamp a W on their foreheads... ?

meanwhile, i've met more than a few of the military academy types, and the bottom of that barrel is still the bottom of the barrel...

oh, by the way -- it's spelled "deign"... !