Sunday, July 20, 2008

while watching "mad men" on a sunday afternoon...

This exchange between Lieberlips and fellow neocon Evan Bayh got me thinking about the Pentagon's long-held certitude about being able to maintain a "two-front" war. The U.S. did it during WWII of course, and they -- we -- thought we could do it now in Afghanistan and Iraq. The difference, however, was Roosevelt wasn't a truculent little bastard without an ounce of humility, and thus had the entire nation backing his play.

Meanwhile the current resident of the oval office and his wannabe heir apparent John McCain insist we're winning in Iraq. But note how they're not so hubristic about our chances in Afghanistan, which ought to give you every indication as to how dire the situation must be there. And since there's no draft, the chances of even holding serve diminishes by the day. The Afghanis and Iraqis have nothing but time and we're growing broke and perhaps broken.

You may now do the math.

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