Monday, December 08, 2008

another one for the history books...

Just blew the last game of chess online, forgetting I set a timer when I mostly play without -- and Ding! But then I'm driving a cab in an hour and I really don't have any time for this nonsense anyhow.

Last night was the slowest shift I've had since starting with the company (netting me all of a coupla Jacksons) and I'm getting the sense that Obama's right, that it's gonna get worse before it gets better. All very disturbing, thank you.

I have images of breadlines in front of billboards depicting American prosperity and my being too weak from hunger and depression to not give a shit about the irony anymore. Then I snap out of it, sample some caviar and sparkling wine and I'm all better.

That last sentence is meant to be ironic too.


Anonymous said...

So which caviar do you recommend? Personally, I plan on spending this money before the government orders me to turn it over.

Then I can get my bailout too!!!


Barking Up Trees said...

i read ya' bud... you'll take as much as you can get and give as little back as you are able...

tell me, do you ever explore your spiritual side... ?

Anonymous said...

Hey, its the American Way!!!

Anonymous said...

Do I ever explore my spiritual side? Based on what I have been reading here of late, what is spiritual is open to debate and interpretation. Is it spiritual and just to beggar thy neighbor? Is it unspiritual and unjust to refuse to follow in Jesus' footsteps as an empovershed acolyte? Is it unjust and antireligious to decide which charities to support, or does justice and spirituality dictate that I support all comers?

You mention the tax code, and you mention what I take. First off, what am I taking that I did not earn? Or does that matter? If it doesn't matter, let's say so and Pass the Law, taxing the rich until they are average, and tiving the money to the poor until they are average. After all, the goal of many ivory tower academics was to equalize what folks "kept" so that everyone had pretty much what they needed and nothing more. And they weren't writing from Soviet Russia but from places like Harvard (though, depending on who you talk to, no differnce). So let's do that, and tax the crap out of doctors, dentists, scientists, and the like (can't tax the hedge fund managers since they are now all in London and the Carribean). And lets use that money to prop up UAW jobs. The calculus will be clear. You can decide not to better yourself, save all that money you would have spent on college, get a guaranteed for life job at the auto plant (no thinking required), and you will be just as well off. And if you want that professional life, get the degree, ace the interview, get the job, and tell the boss, I will start right after I get my Cayman Islands passport and renounce my U.S. citizenship. Good luck with that appendectomy then; Gus over in the Transmission Dept. may be able to help.

Further, will you accept the premise (and I can make the argument if you insist) that the tax code actually punishes most earned income and rewards sloth by rich and poor alike? Now does that sound just and spiritual, because it doesn't to me. And being told what my beliefs should be, not because I won't go to heaven if I don't believe them, but because I will go to jail if I don't, doesn't sound just and spiritual to me. Does it to you?