Thursday, December 18, 2008

a provisional thank you to manny...

Never thought I'd say it...

Scott Boras is agent to both Mark Teixiera and Manny Ramirez. If the Yankees signed Teixiera, where does Manny go? The Yankees would be less likely to sign him, given they already would have two $20M ballplayers, inc. A-Rod; the Red Sox don't want him; the Dodgers can't afford him; and the Angels manager Mike Scioscia would kill him before they got out of spring training. So Boras wants Teixiera to sign with the Sox so Manny can go to the Yankees.

Unless the Washington Nats sign Teixiera.

But who in their right mind would choose the Nats over the Sox? Chaatoes? Baker? HAMstah?

Does a body really need the extra $20M after getting $180M?

Sox get Teixiera then; Manny gets booed at Fenway 9-10X-a-year.

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