Saturday, December 29, 2007

add the congressional dem leadership to the indictment and i'll go make the citizen's arrest...

By the way, Brattleboro is the coolest little town too:
A group in Brattleboro is petitioning to put an item on a town meeting agenda in March that would make Bush and Vice President Cheney subject to arrest and indictment if they visit the southeastern Vermont community.
You go, Green Mt. Boyz! ... and Grrlz!


Rob said...

A Face emailed you at and Do you still use those emails?

Anonymous said...

which begs the obvious question,

"on what charges?"

Or does the resolution neglect to specify the violation of vermont law that would be required to actually arrest someone?

Cute, but a good way to get some sheriff's butt in a sling if he (or she, this is brattleboro) ever actually tried to enforce the order.

Besides, I thought you liberals were against arbitrary arrests without constitutional grounds?

Message to Prattleboro: Leave the lawyering to lawyers, preferably american ones.


Barking Up Trees said...

charges... ? how 'bout "war crimes"... or, say, "crimes against humanity"...

"obruction of justice"... ? take yer pick...

jurisdiction issues, mr. lawyer... ?

what say i sign one of them presidential findings... ? i mean, it'd carry the same legal credibility as all of georgie's findings, no... ? although i heard it said he couldn't find his own posterior's aperature with both hands and a flashlight...

Anonymous said...

Yes, real lawyering from real lawyers is what you are talking about. This isn't impeachment, this is for real, with real legal protections, jurisdiction, federal preemption, extradition, treaties and the like.

No court, not even those wacko Euro ICC or the Spanish courts, which are trying to expand extraterritoriality to Inquisition levels (well, they know something about that, the Spaniards do), has yet to proffer a charge. So there is no charge, let alone extradition. What are the birkenstockers in Prattleboro going to serve on the Prez (besides a rasberry?) Further, does qualified immunity apply, or was W and Dick engaging in war crimes on the side for fun and profit?

A first year law student could (and should if they stayed awake) be able to beat back an actual warrant issued by a magistrate in Prattleboro.

Problem with the leftie logic here is the willingness of those on the left to come up with new crimes and enforcement tools as they go along. They are screaming themselves hoarse for the administration's take on the rights of enemy combatants, but they have no problem coming up with some ex post facto 'crime' if you call someone a n1@@er.

Doesn't all this strike you as a little bit Stalinist scary? Or are the Left the only ones allowed to use the Constitution and Bill of Rights for toilet paper?

When crap that that starts becoming real instead of a punchline is when I make sure I have stocked up on ammo.