Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Just off a conversation with Big Brother, i.e., R. He has offered to buy me 3 golf lessons should I get my weight down to 225 by May 1. Having just hit the scale, that'd require I drop 29 lbs. in 5 mos. and a week. Easy, no?

Dunno. I haven't seen the sunny side of 245 in a few years. I have one more day here in NH and then drive to ME, all part of my recuperation from Cardiomyopathy and Pneumonia. My BP, at last check, was 100/70, artificially low, given the meds I've been, er, given upon leaving the ICU at Cheshire Medical in Keene a week ago Monday.

R. & D. have put me up since then and are my favorite people at the moment. Leaning on Mom in ME starting Friday; shoulda been tomorrow but yet another Nor'easter is promisin' to party, so we're playin' it, like, conservative.

I get by with a little help from my fffffamily.


midnight owl said...

you're right... losing weight is not an easy task. But, I know you can do it!!

I was able to lose 20 pounds in 4 months (this past June through Sept.) And to be honest, there were several weeks where I was bad and didn't exercise and I ate junk. So, I probably could have lost more if I had been more focused (which is my plan after the new year... back to the gym and the healthy diet so I can lose 20 more!!!)

You have some pretty important reasons to be focused, and with the support of your family and friends, I have no doubt that in May you will be gifted with 3 free golf lessons :)

--spared-- said...

G it won't be easy, but it's necessary so focus and commit. I know you can do it ;)