Thursday, December 20, 2007

more CEOs agree...

They're overpaid!

Two words: "Salary Cap." Regulate the bastards. Max a percentage they can receive relative to the lowest paid employee.

Works for the Japanese, works for me.


Anonymous said...

We tried it. By granting stock options. Now the Dems want to do away with that because they can apparently be gamed.

But wage regulation of top earners is nothing new. FDR wanted to impose a 100% tax on all income over 25,000. (I don't know that he would have used a tax to accomplish that but it is effectively that) Look it up.

Of course, what I don't get is this: CEO pay hurts stockholders directly. Think boards will pay grunt level employees more because the CEO makes less? No. It dings stockholders. Yet Dems also hate stockholders (someone youtube the Michael Moore speech where he sneered about them), and the Dem Congress wants to jack their taxes again. So why the bruiting on CEO pay from Dems when it is not their constituents getting burned?


Barking Up Trees said...

okay, DON'T cap the salaries...

bring back the guilloutine... !!