Thursday, December 20, 2007

sliding slowly seaward...

The scale says I'm at 248 today. That'd be down 6 lbs from yesterday, a shitload of water that. Lasix would be the miracle drug, i.e., diuretic helping me shed said water.

Meanwhile, back at the Lawyer's office, Brotherman the Elder finely tuned the bet via email today:
First, you have to stay at or below that weight throughout the duration of those three lessons for me to pay for all three of them. For example, if you schedule the lessons over three consecutive weeks, but you make your weight for only the first lesson, then fall off the wagon after that (and into a large pot of chili, say), I only pay for the one lesson. Second condition, your weigh-in has to be on a scale we both agree is accurate -- your gym locker room or mine, either one works for me.
All of which presupposes I'll be right at/around 225 and not 5-10 lbs less on May 1, a bit of exactitude I find fairly amusing.

And even as I would like those golf lessons, my true motivation is to save my life... and score chicks... uhm, in that order.

Update: Wait, chili is fattening?

Update II: And, yes, scoring chicks would be a whole lot easier if I could find the sunny side of 200 and not hang around at 225... 

And hold down a job:  Yeaaaaah!  That's it! 

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