Friday, December 21, 2007

somehow it's always the other shoe that makes the story more interesting...

Alycia Lane is really a piece of *cough* work. Sending bikini shots by email to Rich Eisen, where his wife can (and did) intercept them. (And I woulda paid-per-view on that conversation.) Then she gets busted for busting a "dyke" cop across the chops (all alledgedly, of course). Then she puts in a call to PA governor Ed Rendell to, what, get a little sympathy? Fun stuff, all of this -- especially since she's a hottie.

But, well, there's the other side of the story, and it fits fairly nicely with my general narrative of America slouching toward a police state worthy of the Soviet Union:
Exactly. In fact, Lane's case -- tabloid lurid though it may be -- is a prime example. Without her pictures, we only have the damning and one-sided account of the police officers on what actually precipitated the alleged assault. American citizens have a right to film public police activity -- whether it's a potty-mouthed nightclubbing TV news sex symbol or the man who filmed the arrest and beating of Rodney King.
What we haven't seen yet is a cop getting videotaped tasering the camera op for taping the cop tasering the camera op.

Meanwhile, here's betting this story doesn't go away soon. It's got it all, Sex & Violence!  ...  and Sex.

Still hate Philly, Naahm, old buddy?


Anonymous said...

Yup. Fact that not-so-closted socialists like Will Bunch (from whom you quoted) can pass their views for journalism makes it all the more putrid.

BTW, I am outta here shortly, but to another socialist jurisdiction. More on that soon.

--spared-- said...

We already have too many lawyers in South Florida.