Tuesday, December 18, 2007

oedipus call yer office...

Bill says George the XLIst will seek to repair the damage caused by George the XLIIIrd, and do so on behalf of Hillary.  

Would love to hear that next conversation between father & son.
Update:   41 says WTF??  Count Bill as another idiot killing his wife's campaign.


Anonymous said...

ya think? The e-ink wasn't even dry on that before I was wet from laffing myself silly.

Then the rejoinders. Man, did Bill look like a fool on that one. Can't see how you can spin it any other way.

Face, I get your coffee came out your nose when you saw that! Good thing I wasn't drinking any.


Anonymous said...

that was "I bet", not I get.

too much egg nog.

( I love egg nog)