Tuesday, April 17, 2007

heresy according to baker...

I know the world is crumbling around us, what with the Virginia Tech psychosis, the bees disappearing because we gotta have our cell phones (and how much you wanna bet Verizon & AT&T'll go all Exxon on us, buying off junque-scientists to disavow any such evidence), and the prospect Karl Rove will be pardoned, but here's what's bothering me this morning: Jimmy Buffett sounds like Liberace, especially in his duet w/Sinatra singing Mack The Knife.

I'm serious, this is a catastrophe!

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Naahm Deplume said...

Actually, this is not a new story. Bees have been disappearing for awhile now.
There is also new research into the interaction of two bee parasites, neither of which would, by themselves, take down hives, but in combination may prove lethal to bees.

Still, microwave radiation could be another element. Similarly, there is only recent evidence that whale strandings are caused by sonar (apparently scrambling the neural circuitry of marine mammals). That had previously been thought not possible.