Monday, November 06, 2006

elections eve...

The myriad headlines touting a GOP comeback are both depressing and predictable. Predictable because they're the only way Karl Rove can pull off his "October cum November surprise," i.e., loose Diebold, ES&S and Sequoia techies to flip the switches somewhere between 8 p.m. eastern and 8 p.m. pacific, effectively nullifying Bush's jury of approximately 120 million American voters. And the only way they could get away with it is to establish the perception the Repos are within spitting distance and closing. A "wave" beaten back -- so soon after Katrina, you see -- just wouldn't have the credibility of the American people haven spoken. And given the anticipated scrutiny placed on voting integrity, or the lack of same, who knows what the public's reaction could be if they're told, say within 24 hours, that they've been saddled with these bastards yet again?

Another Ukraine maybe? Mexico?

So all the noise by the Repos and their sycophantic corporate media is merely preparation, foreplay if you will, for the almost certain theft of another mid-term election. So bend over, grab your ankles and vote! Fat lotta good.

It says here there's no way in Hell the Dems will take the Senate, and I don't believe the facist plutocracy will even let 'em have the House. It simply isn't cost effective.

And that, ladies & gentlemen, will be the de facto, if not official, end of democracy in America.

Live-blogging the election returns tomorrow night.

Yes, "Chaatoes," definitely insane.

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