Monday, November 13, 2006

a tidy summary...

Henry Farrell, at the Boston Review, makes me feel better about myself (for I have friends who are Repos, who are always trying to undermine my self-esteem):
And while many netroots bloggers describe themselves as progressive, they are generally not leftists in the conventional sense. Certainly they aren’t committed to any program of fundamental political and economic reform. . . [T]he netroots aren’t complaining that the Democratic Party isn’t radical enough; they’re complaining that it’s losing elections. Netroots bloggers don’t share a common ideology. If they are united by anything, it is their harsh criticism of the Republican Party, their shared anger at the Democratic Party’s failures, and their rough analysis of how it could do better.
Coming up: Heavynews pontificates via email on the hows & whys the Repos will take back Congress in '08.

No, really!

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