Sunday, November 05, 2006

live-blogging pats/colts...

11:37 - Game. Indy takes it 27-20.

11:35 - And Kevin Faulk flubs another pass, possibly due to his head being far up his tukas. Intercepted! Fucked!

11:33 - Oh my Christ! Vinny misses another!

11:12 - I modify w/prejudice NBC's Promo for their hot new show "Heroes": Fuck the cheerleader! Fuck the world!

11:10 - Vinny. Indy 27-17.

11:02 - CRAP! Indy picks in turn. Heavy sigh!


10:55 - Well there's Troy Brown as a defender finally stepping on his own johnson (and face-masking the tight-end) 4th down becomes 1st down.

10:50 - Ach! Gostkowski slices one! Ewww, that was ugly!

10:46 - Saadam sentenced to death. Wanna know something? We send 3,000 of our bravest to die, and tens of thousands more to sacrifice body parts, and we can't get live coverage of Saadam's trial like he was O.J... ?? That's just messed up.


10:41 - 4th down. Gostkowski coming in for a critical kick. And iiiiiiiit's GOOD!!! 24-17 Indy.

10:39 - Why are they going into spread formation? It's 1st & 10, plow the field ferchrissakes!!

10:37 - Feeling a litle agitated, the kind where you're very very nervous as to the outcome. Gonna surf thw web a little.

10:33 - NO! Harrison *did* get his feet in but still did *not* haul the ball to his chest. And, WHAT? No challenge? Awwww jeeez!!

10:24 - Pats flub a double-reverse-fake screen. Madden gets it right when he wonders aloud why the Pats don't simply run over the smaller Colt D. Of course, many's the time when I've seen the Weisian razzle-dazzle for big gains. 'Sides, foobawl is entertainment, and I like my nuts (& bolts) sprinkled w/a little razmatazz.

10:20 - Love the insurace commercial where the shark-diver misfires his speargun and blows up his boat and subsequently gets dragged to the depths of the sea in his shark cage. Very tragic! Very funny!

10:19 - First punt of the game. D-I I I I (fence)... !!

10:18 - SACK BABEEEEEE!!! Rosie Colvin - MY LINEBACKERS!!!

10:16 - Right! No TD, but Indy ball. Argh!

10:15 - At least no TD by the myriad replays: the Indy defender was down on contact IF he gets the fumble recovery... PLEASE STAND BY... !!

10:12 - Oh word! Dillon's "fumble" is returned for a TD by Indy. Belichick to challenge. I'm not sanguine. It looks like the ground caused the fumble but it was already ruled a fumble and to reverse the call requires incontrovertable evidence, which I don't think the video provides. I fear play is ruled a TD for Indy.

10:09 - Oh shit! He's my fantasy football kicker. BOOOOOO!!!

10:08 - Vinny in for another kick and iiiiiiiiiiits NO GOOD!!!! AWWWWWWW!!!

10:05 - Madness. Another illegal contact converts a 4th into a 1st down. Replay shows the Refs either blew the call or the number.

10:02 - Gotta know if Rodney's coming back...

10:00 - Bill Clinton endorses Martin O'Malley for Governor in Maryland. Nuts & bolts head & shoulders 30 seconds. But it's the Big Dawg. I'm impressed.


9:47 p.m. - Gah! Brady throws another pick. Not his fault; ball was diverted w/a tip by Watson.

9:42 p.m. - To be clear, Indy would have to be the hoop team in the analogy... OH WOW! The Pats keep the 1st down call after review. These refs are AWFUL! Bless their hearts! Hey, the NFL has it in for midwest teams in small markets, what's so wrong with that?

9:39 p.m. - Shades of the '72 USA basketball team getting it in the chute: Brady doesn't get the 1st down, but the refs call it anyway. Oh rats! The fuckers upstairs are reviewing it. Pats can't win this. Indy to take it down for another score(?) going into the locker room, get the 2nd half kickoff.... Ewwwww...

9:37 p.m. - Oh wow! Pats call a timeout on a 4th & 1 at midfield. Can they really be considering going for it? Less than a minute left. Wait! Indy called the T.

9:35 p.m. - Mauroney brings it back to the 38. Lotsa time for Brady and, if necessary, Adam V... Uhh... Never mind!

9:34 p.m. - Vinny gets his first FG against the good guys. Can't boo him. Never boo Adam Vinny!!

9:29 p.m. - Illegal contact supplemental: What is it with TV announcers, in this case Madden, who argue a case that's controverted by the video? The ball, John, was not in the air when Scott held the receiver. Shaddap!! Refs actually got it right. Tired of Madden, whose been around longer than God.

9:26 p.m. - Illegal contact call makes we want to go in the other room and beat off.

9:25 p.m. - Manning calls a timeout. Flipping over to Law & Order in rerun. Oop! Commercial! Surf! Surf!

9:24 p.m. - SACK BABEEEE!! Seau & Vrabel. Love my linebackers!!

9:22 p.m. - Was just loggin' in again to say, okay, here's the kickoff, and this guy Wilkens runs it back for 65 yards. Argh! And now a pass-interference call against Scott. Red Zone for the colts al-fucking-ready!!

9:20 p.m. - Ach! Coors Lite again! Mute! Mute!!

9:19 p.m. - Score tied 14-14 w/4:14 left in the half. Louis Farrakahn, and other numerologists, call yer offices.

9:17 p.m. - Pats knockin' on the door in the Red Zone. Brady sneaks for a first & goal. Looks like it'll be a shootout, which is what I am told the Pats DON'T want. But DILLON SCORES AGAIN!!! YAHHHHHHH!!!

9:16 p.m. - Troy Brown just broke the record for most receptions by a Patriot receiver. Earlier he got screwed with a bogus unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, negated by a righteous Brady to Gabriel bomb.

9:12 p.m. - Reche Caldwell, who looks like a woman anyway -- what, with this big batty eyes -- just took a hip, i.e., vs. taking a knee, rather than let himself get hit after making a catch. Whatever happened to extra yardage after the catch, you pansy?

9:07 p.m. - Colts waltz downfield and in for the score AGAIN. Christ! Boos for Vinatieri. Word on Harrison, whom it looks as though they already desperately miss, is injury to the shoulder but return deemed "probable." We'll see. Need him to put a hurtin' on one of these receivers.

Hate the Coors Lite commercials where NFL footage of post game interviews are B-rolled with jerk-offs in the faux pressroom throwing him questions where his responses, made long ago, seem responsive. Was annoyed with that last month. Move on!

Meanwhile, the Peyton Manning commercial where he dons a mustache and flacks for some speedstick. On the field he doesn't look so big, but here -- Holeee!! And look at that giraffe's neck, the guy is huge.

8:56 p.m. - Corey Dillon just scored the Pats' first score, with Gostkowski tieing it just as the 2nd quarter gets underway. Was a little nervous w/Indy getting the first score, especially off a bad turnover -- WTF was Brady thinking, throwing the jumpball in the endzone?? Pats D looked good for a 3&out except for the hail mary Manning threw the tight-end where Rodney got hurt; then -- boom! -- Colts score. Freak me out.

Okay, thought I'd give this a try as I plan on live-blogging Election night Tuesday.


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