Saturday, November 25, 2006

t-day (observed) - early morning...

The boys were deliberating on trekking out to Amherst to catch the 1st round playoff game between the #3 seed Minutemen and Lafayette. The lady of the household, however, put the kaibash on that notion right quick: "Oh yeah! I got time," in a tone implying she didn't.

Even so, we're waiting on the bulk of the kin to arrive later: older brother with the mum; sisters and husbands, etc. Guess we'll catch it on the tube, i.e., if anybody's showing it. NESN, maybe? No chance we won't catch Notre Dame/USC tonight.

The Pats & the Bears tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I need s'more Z's.

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Naahm Deplume said...

A good football weekend all around. Let's hope for the same next week.