Tuesday, November 28, 2006

go find a job...

My mantra post holiday of navel-gazing...

Liquidated the 401K, not a whole helluva lot for 6 months. The bastards that lay a body off without adjusting top-end benefits are why a lot of people voted for the Democrats this time around. Guess the gay-abortions thing didn't have its usual zest.

Okay, the employment agencies have been buzzed; online applications via Careerbuilder: in progress; sent out emails with MP3s and resumes to Boston/Springfield/Hartford radio stations - nary a nibble. Experience dictates proactive follow-up, but that can't happen until I finish my business here, tie up the proverbial loose ends. After that, and if I'm ready to actually move to a new city, only then can I put on the full-court press.

But then what? Sucks being broke. Gotta sell the comics & the baseball cards. I'd estimated $10K's worth and would settle for $5K. Was thinking out loud to the sister'n law yesterday: "I'd like to chuck it all and go back-pack across Europe." She thought it a swell idea, but then anywhere outside her house might sound right smart after a long wknd of catering to this family, eh?

Could get back into Realty. The licenses are in referral, and it wouldn't take much to reactivate. Of course, the Realty board would want its cut, then the NAR, and, of course, the insurance companies... the bastards will all want their respective pounds of flesh. Jesus! It's such a racket. Everybody gets a cut. And you wonder why the Realty lobby is so strong on Capitol Hill?

Of course there's the Great American Novel. Lotsa money there. Just gotta go write it. Mebbe while I'm backpacking my way to the... brothels of Amsterdam.

Yeahhhh! That's the ticket.

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