Saturday, November 04, 2006

"spaceman" the documentary...

Imagine my surprise when I came across "Spaceman: A Baseball Odyssey" at the video store, a documentary on Bill "Spaceman" Lee, former major league pitcher known well by me & the brothers, one of whom lives nearby in Vermont. The documentary was shown at the SilverDocs festival in Silver Spring this past June, an event I covered for Channel 10 and still have the raw footage of on the supplemental drive. (And yes, Sundloff, I'll get around to it! It'll definitely be ready by the 5th annual.)

I had wanted to see "Spaceman" at the AFI Theater, but it was scheduled during work hours back when.

Only reason I'm telling you this right now at 2 f'in' a.m. is because Lee provokes thoughts, you see, iconoclast that he is. One of which was this gem:

"Laws are like spider webs: They entrap the weak and are broken by the strong."

I've always loved the Spaceman, particularly as he was a Yankee killer in his day and during my youth, but more importantly -- and here's how he put it: "I provide an alternative." And which comports with my credo as interrogative: "Why be the same when you can be different?"

Recommending the video. Lotsa footage of this 58 year-old Earth-lovin' spaceman barnstorming in Cuba.

Fun stuff!

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