Tuesday, January 20, 2009

immediate thoughts on a new day...

I'm watching the parade via an AP video stream thru the talkingpointsmemo.com website, easily the first inauguration event I've watched online rather than on TV. What the heck, getting out of the house and getting to work online while staying in touch w/the goings-on this day is the way to go.

Check out the wheels: a six-door stretch limo that looks air-tight and armored better than any general in Baghdad could hope for. I bet they could slow-drive through a nuclear shockwave in that thing. How many MPG does that thing get -- 3?

Talk is he's now in his bubble, rendering imperative his losing touch with the common man. I wonder if they took away his Blackberry after all. Of course, anybody who doesn't get online these days is, by definition, out of touch. The way things go.

Oop! There he is, gotten out of the car. And the crowd goes wild!!

Update: More on "The Beast" mobile.
"Although many of the vehicles' security enhancements cannot be discussed, it is safe to say that this car's security and coded communications systems make it the most technologically advanced protection vehicle in the world," said Nicholas Trotta, assistant director for the Office of Protective Operations."

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