Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the one, the only: jesse lynch...

Check out the Big Apple's hottest new up & comer!
"Jesse Lynch is a brilliant and genre-defying pianist...capable of ferocious passion and tender subtlety at any given moment. His well rounded talent is as big as his musical vocabulary."
-Taylor Mesple

Producer, Old Port Records

"Jesse is one of the most talented and versatile musical souls I have ever worked with. His playing is technically exceptional and inspired no matter what style he is performing. He brings an egoless, open and creative energy to any ensemble playing with a sensitivity and maturity rarely found in players twice his age..."

-Ford James

Jazz Bassist, Meditator

"In my numerous performances with Jesse Lynch, I have found in him complete freedom-of-expression, clarity of stylistic understanding, and a depth of sincere personal involvement which I have always wished to find in my collegues. Jesse's technique is electrifying, his metamorphic trailblazing of ideas is thrilling, and his commitment to the moment is as strong as, if not stronger than what I have experienced with the greatest musicians I've worked with over the course of my career."

-Mark Tipton

Trumpeter, Composer, Producer

"Jesse connects the horizons of minimalist sensuality to an explosive apocalyptic synergy. These are not terms regularly applied to music. Jesse Lynch is a musician who can not be cloaked in familiar robes...his improvisations are informed by the masters, his deft embrace of the spirit of creation and his deep love of music, spontaneity and truth."

Gil Helmick

Writer, Poet

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