Wednesday, January 28, 2009

stop the presses... ! i agree with norm coleman...

Coleman on why he's depriving his former constituency the representation of its junior Senator with a frivoulous lawsuit:
"What you're observing out there may not seem as exciting as what you see on Law & Order," said Coleman. "But the principles that we're fighting for, that I fully believe are being established today, are more important than anything you'll see on Law & Order."
Okay, Tom Cruise, I was glib. Coleman's lawsuit isn't so much frivolous as it is likely fruitless. I only wish Al Gore fought this hard in 2000 or John Kerry did in 2004, because those assholes had better cases to be brought against Florida and Ohio.

What the hell, I can live another month without Al Franken in the Senate provided this case sheds a shining light on the way states count votes in all elections. It's only democratic.

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