Friday, January 16, 2009

short-circuit city...

Circuit City's announcement of liquidation today is met with no lack of trepidation 'round these parts. The good, as well as the bad (not to mention the ugly), news is the proximity of the stores: no branch stores in Bath/Brunswick but there's one or two in the Portland area; the latter being the largest city in Maine, and my likliest destination come the spring. I can only estimate a given store as having somewhere between 20 and 50 employees per, not so much labor flooding the market, but that jobs are already pretty scarce in the Pine Tree State.

Some more good news: The Dems have 58, soon to be 59, Senators. Cloture vote requires 60, and Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, moderate Republicans who tend to blow with the wind, must very well be hearing it from their constituencies to play ball with the new President, vis a vis "stimulus," and not with the obstructionist mole-man from Kentucky.

So I'm optimistic, which means I haven't run out of money yet.

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