Thursday, January 08, 2009

nancy pelosi grows a pair...

On the heels of Harry Reid saying "I don't work for Barack Obama," the Speaker now speaketh:
"Put me down as clearly as you possibly can as one who wants to have those tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans repealed," she said.
Like, Rah! Madame Speaker wants to let Dems be Dems again? Where were you when it counted, [lady]!?

Amazing! -- the Dem leaders are sounding so bright-eyed and anti-Bushie-tailed these days -- *cough* -- now that the Reptiles are leaving town.

Yah! Could be a coincidence...

On the other hand, could this be the unseen hand of Obama actually playing the Repos. Is it possible? The president-elect in the role of bi-partisan good cop while Nancy the bad cop says nobody goes home on vacation (after, what, a month's work?? -- where do I sign up?) until the stimulus bill is passed. What's next? -- Repo Senators actually being made to stand up and filibuster until they drop like flies on the Senate floor? I'd buy that for a dollar!

Why, that just might put a bummer on those smug little McConnellites who thought Obama was selling out his own as an opening stimulus gambit.

Uhm, do I seem a little too cheerful to you? Could be wishful thinking.

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