Tuesday, January 06, 2009

jeb bush opts out...

Interesting! The smarter of two Bushes (which says very little) decides not to run for the Senate in '10 after all. Clearly ol' Jeb's keeping his powder dry for a '12 run at the Big Enchilada, or, depending on how well Obama's doing in the polls, '16. If Jeb ran for and easily won the Senate seat in '10, he'd be obliged to fulfill at least one term, a la Hillary/New York, etc. That being the case, '16 would then be his earliest option for the oval office.

Meanwhile, the mountain of excrement left behind by his brother, which a President Obama will be tasked with having to shovel thru, is highly likely to attrit the Democrat's current popularity, and which Jeb must be counting on from an impatient American public. For any chance the GOP can recapture the White House then, a desire to revert back to the same ol' same ol' is what Jeb needs.

And given the minority's evident plan to slam the brakes on all things Obama, that's not a bad bet.

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