Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my heresy of the day...

I hate to have to say this, but whoever this Jason Wu (Woo! Jason Wu!) character is, his "creation" -- more of a concoction actually, and worn by Michelle Obama at the Balls -- looks bloody hideous!

The big white strap over the shoulder? What is that -- a bedsheet? Is she wearing a toga? If so, she forgot the ivy garland as headpiece. And it's killing me because I dig her, but with the exception of that brazen red dress (as a statement of her still-hottieness, say) when the Obamas visited the Dubyas at the White House, I realized, and on more than one occasion now, that I simply cannot abide the dresses this woman wears. And those who know me know I'm just a regular guy and certainly no Mr. Freakin' Blackwell ferchryeye! They're that awful.

And what the hell is the new president's problem -- wearing a flag lapel pin on a tuxedo?? Now that was a smart-looking suit, and something like a red rose on the lapel would've looked really really sharp. But he has to cluck it up with the now-symbol of his capitulation to the faux & flatulent jingo-patriots. Get outttta here!

It's bad enough Obama wears the pin on his overcoat at the Inauguration -- even as these Republican Eddie Haskells, who, themselves, go pinless by the way, were snickering into their idiot-mittens about how they bullied him into such a craven concession. They used it as a cudgel because they had nothing else to beat him up with.

But now he's the president and he should tell them to go screw or get the ffflip over it!

Unfortunately, however, the heavy betting is now on whether he wears the fool thing on his jammies at beddy bye.

Geez! That's embarrassing!

Update: Okay, I'm in the minority but I ain't alone:
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