Friday, January 09, 2009

minor irritations...

"Why are the media... " is correct, whereas "Why is the media... " is not. That should end. I realize media was originally intended to be the plural of medium, but inasmuch as media conjures the image of a singular, and oft times monstrous, entity, the phrase "Why are the media... " just sounds off. And if, for example, the possessive apostrophe can be only recently modified to include "s's" (s-apostrophe-s) -- I mean it didn't used to, right? -- and not be left at "s'" (s-apostrophe), then why not accept "Why is the media... " as also correct?

Having said that, I would now argue the inverse. The word temper is wayyy misused. To say "He has a temper," to indicate he gets angry, is 180 degrees from correct. "He needs to temper his anger," i.e., he needs to control his anger, ought be how the word is to be used. Get it right, people!

One more: To say, "I'm nauseous!" means I make others sick (yah, yah, Naahm, beat u 2 it!). The correct phrase to use when one is made gastronomically ill, either literally or metaphorically, is "I'm nauseated!"

And now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'm feeling muuuch betterrr nowww!


Anonymous said...

Yes, you beat me to it. And I must beat you to the border.

The stampede of dollars out of the US is deafening to those of us that hear it. Technically, I shouldn't be saying anything, but there are media reports about expatriation being up, way up.

I had always thought that America would go socialist. Not just democratic, but true, redistribute the wealth, seize the property, round up the guns, and crack down on the dissent, socialist.

Perhaps there will be a place for you in the New Order. Regional Deputy Minister of Propaganda, perhaps?

Barking Up Trees said...

hey, any port in a storm... yer guy has so totally fucked up this country, brother, and your lack of empathy bewilders...