Saturday, December 02, 2006

paved w/less than good intentions...

Just turned on to Matt Taibbi w/the Rolling Stone:
What's dangerous about what's going on right now is that an electoral defeat of the Republicans [Nov. 7], and perhaps a similar defeat in a presidential race two years from now, might fool some people into thinking that the responsibility for the Iraq war can be sunk forever with George Bush and the Republican politicians who went down with his ship. But in fact the real responsibility for the Iraq war lay not with Bush but with the Lettermans, the Wolf Blitzers, the CNNs, The New York Timeses of the world -- the malleable middle of the American political establishment who three years ago made a conscious moral choice to support a military action that even a three-year-old could have seen made no fucking sense at all.
The piece is passionate, well written, and can be summarized with a proverbial "for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing" schpiel, which makes me wonder if doing nothing in the face of evil, can one still claim the mantle of goodness. I doubt it... and I blog it... being the good, though never malleable fellow that I am.

Footnote: And even though I started this blog in '05, I can refer you to friends & acquaintances who can attest to my wanting Dubya to burn in Hell as far back as '02. One of whom (*cough* Heavynews) emailed me a week later: "Did they send you to Gitmo yet?"

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