Sunday, December 03, 2006

not one to mince words...

Cenk Uygar:
Let's get this straight - once and for all. It was a Republican president, a Republican administration, a Republican Senate, a Republican House and entirely Republican government that started and lost the war in Iraq. No excuses. They screwed this thing up entirely. It is 100% their fault.
Can that, like, fit on a bumper sticker?

Oh wait, there's more:
At this point, these Republicans are incapable of and uninterested in governing. I wanted limited government, not anarchy. These guys are completely incompetent. I don't know if they have a secret plan to show how government can't work, but I am not interested. I don't give a damn about their ridiculous secret plans. I care that they suck.
And here for the last six years I thought I was going insane.

Nothin' like a niiiiice piece o'hickory.

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