Saturday, December 30, 2006

giving edwards another look...

If waiting for Gore is like waiting for Godot, we may have to go to war (against Republicans) with the troops we have -- in this case, Hlllary and Barack -- and not necessarily with the troops we might want. I don't know about all y'all but I'm less than enamored of either, Obama's rock star flavor-of-the-month notwithstanding.

Let's get real, shall we? I like him well enough and would vote for him over anything -- emphasis on thing -- the Republicans have to offer, but I can't help but wonder: is America ready for its first African-American president? Outside shot: America is sooo groggy from the mass ensephalopathy caused by Dubya's reign, anybody'll look good. Meanwhile, St. John the McCain is finding his advocacy for escalation in Iraq is killing him in the polls. Even Hillary, the ultimate poll-whore, has steered clear of the issue and was rewarded with superior polling numbers. Still it's wayyy too early and the swift boats remain in dry-dock.

Even so, it echos: is America ready for its first African-American and/or woman president?

So I keep looking. And not expecting to be, I was fairly impressed with John Edward's appearance on Hardball this week. And now I see he's getting some attention, the kind Dennis Kucinich can only dream about:
[I]n the first blush of presidential courtship, Nevada Democrats welcomed the former North Carolina senator and Democratic vice presidential candidate with a standing-room-only crowd and pointed questions about the deficit, immigration and the war in Iraq.
This is encouraging, and particularly giddifying that Edwards has taken a page from the Blogosphere and is tying Dubya's desperation for escalation directly to McCain's tail, calling it "McCain's Plan." And, oh yeah, McCain's boy has just signed up with the Marines and looks to be slated for assignment to the sandbox. One's first impulse is to wonder if, gahd forbid, the boy gets clipped, will St. John's numbers soar? Imagine the old man's inner conflict then. I mean, c'mon, ol' Mr. Straight Talk has shown himself to be so obsessed with winning the office, he's offered to be YouTubed while fellating Dubya.

Meanwhile, Messrs. Falwell, Dobson, and Robertson (a.k.a., the 3-headed Christianist Hydra), greatly disillusioned with Mitt Romney's political windsockery, are deliberating joining the current and presumptive presidents for a five-way Around The World.

Major disturbances emanate from the right, people. They are on the run, and, depending upon whether you like it Greek-style, it either is or it ain't pretty.

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--spared-- said...

I'd like to see Paul Hackett run. Considering how the left screwed him when he ran for the senate in Ohio, I have a feeling that won't happen. But it would be nice to see the guy give it a try. I also like Obama... but Edwards and Hill...can't take either one. Depending on who they choose for running mates if they get that far is how I will determine who I will vote for. They've both become good ol'boy politicos - more of the same.