Monday, December 18, 2006

if there is a god, he plays QB for NE...

Totally bummin' over the Brady/Bridget split. Tom Brady, you should like to know, is the one player other football players want to be, which is small consolation for us lesser mortals -- that even the lesser Gods can experience envy, and which makes me wonder why they called the ancient Greeks' religion mythology.

Bridget Moyhnahan I discovered when she played the android-enamored scientist in "I, Robot" with Will Smith. Dug her intelligence, dug her passion, and dug her hottie self; but then I only buy Playboy for the articles.

So one imagines the life: being the pro QB who everybody wants to be, dating the babe everybody wants. What could be sweeter? Certainly not reality! Ol' Bridge is 37 and wants rug-rats, clock ticking and all. Tom is near put a decade younger and has options. Sounds a little like Brad & Jen only in reverse: She wanted the career/he wanted the rats. And as any man with those kinds of options could, Brad upgraded; although having said that, I gotta believe Angelina, she w/the vials of Billy Bob's blood, is definitely higher maintenance than Jen-babe Aniston could possibly be.

And, y'know? I think I could settle for her.

Can't wait to see who Tommy-boy emerges with next.

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