Friday, December 01, 2006

december 1st & it's september's weather...

I'm a little surprised Google would carry a results page for the myriad "I Hate Blogger" yabbos out there. Add me to the list.

Trying to create an updated variation of my Know It All page, and half-way through, Blogger's automated posting-protection program suddenly impliments a "word verification" requirement; all well and good to weed out the robo/repo bot commentary (as you would see should you choose to, say, comment below), but for posting on a blog, it's a royal pain in the posterior's apperature.

"Click on the Question Mark" they tell you. So I click on the friggin' thing and it provides you an explanation that if you click on the friggin thing it takes you to a disable feature - WHICH IT DOES NOT; just again to the directions, though perhaps only on the Mac. I am finding, you see, Mac and Blogger are not buddies. And I'm just the poor schmoe in the middle trying to work it out.

So I try to navigate the verification by typing in the weird-word... and the fuckin' Blogger system kicks me out and won't let me back in. Bastards!

I'm going home now. Will try one more time on my desktop PC (as Microsoft and Blogger seem to be so much more chummy!). If that doesn't work... well, there are other fish in the blogging cyber-sea.

Wish me whatever!

Update: On the PC... Bupkus! I HATE BLOGGER!!!

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