Wednesday, December 06, 2006

blow me down... !

As popeye liked to say...

'Course, this bit of news makes my eyes bug out: Sox sign J.D. Drew and Julio Lugo. Couple that with a fade on the trade of the fanny that is Manny (love a good giddy, silly rhyme) and the lineup looks monstrous (er, of the green variety):

1) Youkilis, 1b
2) Lugo, ss
3) Big Papi, dh
4) Manny, lf
5) Drew, rf
6) Varitek, c
7) Lowell, 3b
8) Crisp, cf
9) Pedroia, 2b

depth: Pena, Hinske, Cora...

And if the Sox cowboy up on the signings they seem intent on signing, i.e., Daisuke Matsuzaka and Eric Gagne, the pitching staff looks like:

1) Schilling
2) Beckett
3) Matsuzaka
4) Papelbon
5) Wakefield

Lester, Delcarman, Hansen, Okajima, Timlin, Gagne(?)...

Be afraid, Yankee scalawags!! Be very very afraid!

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