Tuesday, December 05, 2006

deconstruction v. total destruction: lay your bets...

Can't get enough of the rampant psychoanalyses of Dubya these days. For example, p.m. carpenter's take:
He could heedlessly let his mind go to seed and still attend, though not be bothered with actually studying at, the finest schools; he could disdainfully go to the head of the Vietnam-dodging line and still wear a uniform for fun; he could abruptly create disastrous business ventures and still profit.

Fast forward to middle age and he was still counting on magical promotions and privileged protection, no matter how distasteful his behavior. After monumentally screwing up the high office he was handed, Pop's Old Guard and others who serve his exalted status rush predictably to the rescue. It's OK, everything will be alright, we'll take care of it, you just go ahead and be you, George.
Throughout American history, the damage done to humanity by the Bush family has been extensive and beggars the imagination for its range from the intricate to the brutal. One can only hope this is the end of the line for the lineage. Jeb's prospects for '12 (forget '08, but one cannot harbor too romantic the notion given the short American attention span) will be the acid test.

One saving grace? That Dubya does to his family's "legacy" what he's done to the Iraqi people.

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