Sunday, December 31, 2006

happy new year...

Please do check out my updated website Know It All. I've been working on it most of yesterday, and right past midnight. Way I figure it, being productive beats Hell outta watching Dick Clark's rockin' oldie-moldie.

The site can stand a bit more tweaking -- okay, a lot more, i.e., some text and audio/video additions -- and it'll kick butt, but I am pleased with the look so far.

*Heavy sigh!*

The weather drizzles in your nation's capital as I type ten minutes into '07, the shepherd keeping watch over the flock by night. But then, there are worse places to be keeping watch than in Dupont Circle. Fun spot. And I can derive enough of said fun vicariously. And at second glance, I note the posting time reflects when the new post is opened, in this case with three minutes left of 2006, and not when it's published, in this case a year later. Thus am I having a temporal discombobulation-- and I'm still freakin' SOBER!


My NE Pats, acquitting themselves right proper yesterday afternoon, helped facilitate a righteous flow to my resevoir of glad tidings, particularly as they prevailed over a Titan team that looks like it'll be mighty impressive next year. And relieved I am Denver didn't make the playoffs, losing in OT2SF, for they would've been headed to Foxboro next week, and they plum give the Pats the flamin' fits. Besides, I much prefer a grudge match w/the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets.

Boston & New York. New York & Boston. And the world, she goes 'round & 'round...

So sayonara, Oh-6! You gave a fun ride, ups & downs & all-arounds. But had I my druthers, I'd request from Oh-7 many more ups and far fewer downs.


As for you, dear reader, have yourself a merry little new year!

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