Tuesday, December 26, 2006

no let-down here, thank you...

I'm a Christian no more; haven't been since before my junior year in high school -- Catholic, in Maine. Steve Miller still owned the Top 40.

The Mass and the Catechisms always put me to distraction, my eyeballs rolling every which way but toward the collared speaker mouthing the usual quasi-Latin/English nonsense. Best I can remember is "The Mass is ended. Go in peace!"

To which I never failed to join the flock: "Thanks be to God!"

So much for blind faith.

And yet I love Christmas! I love the spiritual pretext, I love the music. I love the family need and sense of personal duty. I love the time off from the working universe so that I may reflect.

This year I stayed home and avoided people, family and friends. I had my reasons. But it was still a good Christmas.

Hope yours was too.

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