Wednesday, December 27, 2006

conspiracy of the day...

... if not of the 20th Century:
The DNC had gotten copies of the photographs taken of the three tramps in Dealey Plaza, and identified two of them as long time Nixon henchmen E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis. This put the DNC in a position to at least blackmail the President, if not expose him outright. This is why E. Howard Hunt lead the break-in; it was his own ass he was trying to save.

The photos resurfaced as part of a news story, and E. Howard Hunt sued the publisher, Liberty Lobby. He lost. Attorney Mark Lane provided witnesses that placed E. Howard Hunt in Dealey Plaza at the time that John F. Kennedy was killed.
Meanwhile, my particular take on Oswald as the loan gunman is a total mystification as to how it is possible any sentient being, or even a rum-dum from middle America, let alone a lawyer on the Warren Commission, who later would become the senior Senator from Pennsylvania, could swallow the notion of a U.S. marine as Soviet symp (with lots & lots of pictures, mind you).

Ah, for the good of our country...

Neh, it wasn't Castro neither. But here's who it was: Hoover, the FBI, and the amorphous Military Industrial Complex, i.e., the previous generation of the same fascist scum who put Bush in power, and are keeping him there because he's a useful idiot and they're making a frigging mint in war profits.

Oh, how do I know? I simply do.

Can I prove it... ?

Do I really have to... ?

It's like Jefferson says, that is every time he's resurrected: We hold these truths to be self-evident.

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