Wednesday, September 28, 2005


You devotees may have noted by now the commentariate is peopled mostly by those with their own blog, or blogs; their own agenda to promote. Rah!

I tolerate it because they seem to always premise their announcement with, "You have an awesome blog!!!" Extra exclamation points notwithstanding, my ego is gratified. That and the process of discerning the commercial from the sincere takes more time, in and of itself, than is tolerable for this ever-shortening life. And there it is.

I've thought along those lines myself: say, "Oh Wow! What a TOTALLY AWESOME BLOG you have! Mine is better: Go to Barking Up Trees RIGHT NOW!!" Without skipping a beat.

Small matter of clicking & pasting at every next blog in the way, that is before the cows come home.

But oh well -- right?

Art is in the process more than in the product!

Write that down!


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