Monday, September 26, 2005

Ever Wonder What Goes Thru A Squirrel's Mind When It 2bls-back Under Your Wheels?

I've never seen him as having any credibility -- ever. And this coming out a full four years after 9/11 carries with it its own peculiar stench. DailyKos concurs, nailing it at the jugular:
Of course, I'm in favor of energy conservation, and ordinarily, I'd be glad that Bush has flip-flopped on this one. But knowing this gang, these are just empty words, without the force of laws or regulations behind them - and a bit of fig-leaf for what will undoubtedly be attempted giveaways to oil refiners.

Nevertheless, I cannot help but savor the sweet taste of swagger when it is whipped:
Bush sent a memo to agency and department heads, saying the federal government must "lead by example and further contribute to the relief effort by reducing its own fuel use during this difficult time."

"Lead by example." Better late than never I always say. But just for shits & giggles, we're taking over/under bets on the side.


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