Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sox, Pats -- Yeahhh, Baby!!

I finally figured out who Corey Dillon reminds me of -- Tiny Archibald. Both players, before they came/went to Boston, were big offensive forces who ran up gaudy numbers for nowhere teams. Archibald led the league in scoring, like, 17 years in a row, and looked to be at the end of his tether before the Celtics picked him up, converted him into a true point guard, one now with a mind predisposed to dishing it to Larry, McHale, Robert Parrish and Cedric Maxwell, and consequently winning a championship with them in '81, that against the Houston Rockets.

Dillon, if memory serves, has the single game rushing record, (Oh, I could Google it, but who really needs that kind of precision on so little time before bedtime?) and seemed to repeatedly rush for ridiculous season totals for the Bungles, often (well, a coupla times anyway) getting 200+-yard games, serving no real purpose in Cincinnati. He then goes to the Patriots, runs for a steady but sublimely understated 1600+, and, of course, wins a championship.

Two more TDs today, helping the Pats snap the Steelers 16-game in-season winning streak. Pay-back's a Bertrum, babe... !

Good to be a Boston sports fan.


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Duddits said...

Yeah! They kicked steelers ass ! Go Pats!