Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What Flavor Kool-Aid Was That Anyway?

Just spent the last 45 minutes sifting through old email that had been languishing in my primary address' inbox. Why I save old messages, or, more simply, not delete them after dispensing with their content accordingly, i.e., replying, forwarding, ignoring, deleting, etc., is of no real import, but I'm tired as I write this, as I tend to be after any long day of grinding it out on the phone and in front of the computer, and have no desire to spend even more time billowing on the topic that is swirling the interior of my skull simply to entertain you bastards with another update of the blog, or to more precisely indicate my mood -- my blahhhg!!

But please do remind me, the topic is interesting: Why good and, up until recently, standard-bearer progressives and civil libertarians use 9/11 as a hook to justify their having gone over to The Darkside. I cite celebrities like Christopher Hitchens, Dennis Miller, and Ron Silver as some finer examples. But then Miller, according to Al Franken, always was a conservative. Which may be, but Miller was always wildly irreverant while skewering everybody, not just the left. I loved his rants on HBO; ate 'em with a spoon. I even bought his first Rants book. But when he declared "I back up my friends," while invoking a moratorium on criticizing Bush, I had had it. Now I can't stand him with a viscera that rivals the hideous contempt I hold for the stitchless emperor hisself.

As for Hitchens, he continues to assail Mother Theresa and Henry Kissinger while offering Dubya his nose; a standard of pliability believed to have been achievable only by the shorter Circ contortionists.

On a more personal level, a very good friend continues to insist to this very day that Dubya's shit carries with it the scent of lilac. To wit:

Who, pray tell, would do better? Was Al Gore gonna e-mail somebody in New Orleans some help? Would Kerry have organized a Fast Boat Flotilla? Riiiight.

This suggests, to me, that competence will be the theme of the 2008 presidential tilt. Advantage, Red.

I have other friends and a [cough] family member or three who continue to scope the world through a red funnel; though I take them in stride for I had long ago squinted, shrugged and finally accepted them for who they are (pod people). But my man "Heavynews" was a self-described Libertarian and had, as I could determine over ten years of friendship, as sharp and irreverant a tongue as they wag. And always to my great delight, he could readily and breezily dismiss Republicans with a sneer: "Howard Phillips!! I thought he was dayde!!"

Hell! He voted for Clinton!!

He was funny, quick-witted, and surgical as a scalpal. And to hear him now as he lapses into this repetitive and oh so lame talking-point routine of "what would Gore" or "Kerry have done" as though it were a defense for all that is Bush -- and never mind the absurd contention that "competence" will be a Red advantage (well, then again, the Senate Democrats really do suck big dogs!!) -- is akin to witnessing a spiritual death, and for this one I mourn.

Heavy baby, we hardly knew ye.


As for the celebrities...

Yo! Mel... ! Ah-nold... !!


I loved ya' once, babes...

Maybe twice...

But now yer movies just totally blow!


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