Monday, September 26, 2005

Nothing Wrong With A Little Envy

Reading the Boston papers about the Patriots gets to be old hat after a while. "Tom Brady is God!!" Adam "The Instep" (??) Vinatieri is sooooo clutch.


I mean I love the Pats, and I read everything the Globe and the Herald dish out. Fine. But I was missing something. And then I realized I wanted to hear... a little envy... in the accolades, i.e., some reportage from the beaten masses:

Tom Brady and Heinz Field go together like ketchup and fries, and New England's quarterback painted this town red again.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

In Pittsburgh, mind you, they serve their french fries inside the sandwich; apparently makes for an easier phwolf!! But a guy'll take what he can get. Next week it'll be the San Diego papers on how L.T. was taken out of the game.

Meanwhile, back at the Monstah... The Sox have 7 games to go, including the final three against the Pinstripes. Don't remember a race this close since the season of Bucky Bleeping Dent ('78).

Gonna be an exciting week.

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